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Winnie Harlow's New Tattoo Is Dedicated to Kyle Kuzma

Winnie Harlow Gets Boyfriend Kyle Kuzma's Name Tattooed Behind Her Ear

Winnie Harlow's New Tattoo Is Dedicated to Kyle Kuzma

Winnie Harlow wears her heart on her sleeve and her boyfriend's name behind her ear. In an Instagram post shared on Aug. 24, the model gave her followers a glimpse of her latest fine-line tattoo: a tribute to her NBA boyfriend, Kyle Kuzma. With her braids swept into an updo, Harlow showed off the "Kyle" tattoo written in a romantic script directly behind her right ear.

The size and placement was subtle enough to hide with her hair down, but commenters were still quick to weigh in on the magnitude of the gesture. "See now we need to see his 'Winnie' tat!" one user wrote, with another person saying, "Girl, he better have your name tatted as well!" Although Kuzma hasn't shared any new additions to his own impressive tattoo collection, there's no telling if a hypothetical Winnie tattoo is already in the works. As for Harlow, this tiny tribute is one of her first upper-body tattoos, but she has at least four more elsewhere.

"I keep them all very small, they're all on my hands, so no one ever really knows I have tattoos," she previously told Women's Health back in April 2023. These include a skin-toned heart on her ring finger which she's planning to fill when she gets married. "I was drunk in Vegas when I got it — it was my first tattoo," she shared. Harlow also has a dagger on her middle finger, seven teeny dots in honour of her siblings, and a "K" with a heart to symbolize both the King of Hearts and her love for Kuzma.

Read on to see Harlow's most recent boyfriend tattoo, and here's hoping for a matching Winnie tattoo soon.

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