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Ariana Grande's Upside Down Christmas Tree

Ariana Grande Has an Inverted Christmas Tree, Because "Sometimes Life Just Be Upside Down"

In news that will surprise nobody, when it comes to the holidays, Ariana Grande doesn't stick to tradition. Though the singer does have a Christmas tree in her home, it's not like the ones you're used to. The star has tapped into the trend for reverse trees, hung upside down from the ceiling. Ari's brother Frankie shared a photo of the festive decor, which is accessorised with black gifts, to match the six stockings hung on a shelf behind. Ariana herself also shared a snap of how the dramatic tree looks lit up in the dark, in an otherwise empty corner of her NYC apartment.

When asked to explain her striking choice, Ariana told photographers, "Sometimes life just be upside down." It's definitely true that Ariana's life has been turned upside down and inside out this year, but it's possible there's also a more practical reason for the tree being raised off the ground. In Ari's shot, you can also see one her dogs: perhaps her furry companions have a tendency to knock over regular trees? Whatever the reason, the tree looks amazing — keep reading to see for yourself.

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