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Celebrities Doing British Accents Video

Most Celebrities Really Cannot Do British Accents, and This Video Proves It

You probably didn't wake up this morning thinking "today is the day I'm finally going to hear Antonio Banderas saying the words 'pooper scooper' in a geordie accent", but sometimes, the universe delivers what you didn't even know you needed. Graham Norton never misses an opportunity to get a celeb doing an impression or accent; something that will no doubt haunt Tom Hiddleston until the day he dies. This hilarious clip rounds up the many moments in which actors have been asked to tackle tricky "British" accents and dialect. From Chris Pratt's pretty passable attempt at replicating the TOWIE cast, to Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx learning cockney from Danny Dyer, this fun roundup is not to be missed!

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