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Justin Bieber Commissions Art Using Hailey Bieber's Texts

Justin Bieber Turns Hailey Bieber's Texts Into a £4K Work of Art

Justin Bieber Commissions Art Using Hailey Bieber's Texts
Image Sources: Courtesy of Idiot Box Art and Getty / Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

Hailey Bieber's texts are so good, Justin Bieber turned them into art. To welcome her back from Paris Fashion Week, Justin surprised his wife of over five years with a blowup version of their heartfelt texts. "I miss you," the thread reads, originally sent from Hailey to Justin while he was away (per TMZ). The text goes on to list all the things Hailey missed most about Justin, from his smile to his sense of humour. In honour of the sweet sentiment, Justin reportedly paid £4K to have the entire text bubble commemorated on a massive scale.

"Justin reached out to us and had us commission the piece as a surprise for [Hailey] while she was away," artist duo Idiot Box Art tells POPSUGAR. "The art piece is 3ft x 3ft acrylic and resin on a custom wood cutout." They also shared a few behind-the-scenes clips from the making of the art in an 11 Oct. Instagram post, sawing down the wood base and dedicating the one-of-a-kind piece — aptly called "I Miss You" — to Hailey from Justin, in white marker. "We've made a few text bubbles in the past, but this idea was so unique and thoughtful, a text message thread between him and his wife," the artists wrote in the caption. "Thank you for trusting us with such a special piece."

Justin previously flexed his gift-giving skills back in 2019, giving Hailey a post-wedding necklace with "wifey" spelled out in sparkly diamonds. Not to be outdone, Hailey recently crafted a custom mushroom pendant set for her anniversary with Justin, featuring five stones for each year of marriage. With the bar already set so high, the two have to start getting creative with their gifting ideas. But if you ask us, a giant sign completely inspired by personal texts is definitely one for the books. Read on to see the romantic artwork in even greater detail.

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