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Chrissy Teigen Balinese Sling Photo With Son Miles

Chrissy Teigen Preempts the Haters as She Shares the Latest Cute Pic of Baby Miles

Chrissy Teigen knows better than anyone how quickly people on social media will come for mums when they believe they're parenting "wrong". Luckily, it hasn't stopped her sharing loads of funny and relatable tweets and photos since becoming a mum, getting real about how her life, and body, has changed since Luna and Miles joined the family. However, when she shared a sweet moment between her and her son on Tuesday, she did so with caution. While on holiday with her family in Bali, Chrissy learned how to carry her newborn in a Balinese sling, and posted the adorable photo with a pointed note for her followers: "Please feel free to get angry and judgemental in my comments below! I know you can't wait!" she joked.

Of course, she needn't have worried. It's easy to see that Chrissy's also supporting her son with her arms while he's in the sling, and while there'll always be haters, fans on Instagram and twitter were resoundingly positive. They were also quick to share their own experience with similar techniques . . . and not just on babies. One reply clued Chrissy in on the fact slings also perfect for protecting injured dogs!

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