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Emilia Clarke and Rose Leslie Instagram Photo February 2018

Emilia Clarke and Rose Leslie's Cute Reunion Will Cure Your Game of Thrones Withdrawals

We still have a whole year to go until the eighth season of Game of Thrones premieres, but Emilia Clarke and Rose Leslie's (or shall we say Daenerys and Ygritte's) recent NYC reunion should hold us over until then. On Sunday, Emilia posted an Instagram photo from their girls' night out, writing, "Dear New York, I am about to leave this very special human bean in your fair city, please take care of her for me as I'm coming back to get her . . . and the rest of that champagne we left to boot! ❤️🎯." As much as we love seeing Emilia and Rose back together, we just have one question: where was Jon Snow — er, Kit Harington?

As it turns out, Kit is actually in Croatia filming scenes for the final season of Game of Thrones. Now if you'll excuse us, we have to go back to waiting in agony for those final episodes.

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