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Millie Bobby Brown Facts

She's Only 13, but Millie Bobby Brown Is Already Cooler Than Most of Us

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We've barely known the name Millie Bobby Brown for a year — it's been almost that long since Stranger Things debuted on Netflix — but we've been obsessed with her from the start. And the young star made her impression on our hearts even bigger this week when she tearfully accepted the MTV award for best actor in a show. Since playing her breakout role, Eleven, Millie has been endearing herself to us all over the place, and since she's just getting started, we figured we'd bring you up to speed on the basics about her.

She's Only 13

Despite all that poise, Millie is crazy young: she was born on Feb. 19, 2004. And she may act very mature sometimes, but she also reminds us of her indomitable youth when she does things like hugging her crush Zac Efron with abandon.

She's British

As you've gathered from her accent in TV interviews and thrilling speech at the MTV Movie and TV Awards, Brown is a Brit. She hails from the UK, though she was born in Spain. She also has three siblings.


Her Family Sacrificed a Lot For Millie's Career

The Browns moved back and forth between the US and the UK for years while trying to launch Millie's career, and at one point, they were so broke they borrowed money from Millie's manager. Millie told the Daily Mail that when they moved back to the UK for the last time, "I was devastated. I wasn't getting work. I thought I was done," and that she had met with a casting agent who had told her she was "too mature and grown up." But just after that, Millie landed the role that changed her life on Stranger Things.

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Stranger Things Was Her First Big Role, but It Wasn't Her First-Ever Role

Before Stranger Things, Millie had guest roles on Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy, and the Once Upon a Time spinoff, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (she played young Alice!). She also starred in a British series, Intruders, before hitting it big on Netflix.

The MTV Movie and TV Awards Is Her First Big Award

Though she's been at countless award shows this season, and she and the show Stranger Things were nominated for other high-profile things before this, the best actor in a TV show is Millie's first big award on her own. You'd cry too, right?

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