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PAC Dance Team Perfect Score Routine Video

The Dance Team From That Viral Harry Potter Video Just Got a Perfect Score For This Routine

Guys. When I say I've been waiting for a new routine from the PAC dance team since October, I'm not exaggerating. The students from Walden Grove high school wowed me last year, not only with their viral Harry Potter moves, but with every single performance they gave on America's Got Talent. The team recently returned to the spotlight, to compete in Arizona state championships and spoiler alert: they took home the top honour with a PERFECT score.

Decked out in their own fraternity-inspired outfits that gave me major Beyoncé at Coachella vibes, they performed to hits like Jennifer Lopez's "Dinero" and Kanye West's "Ghost Town." Prepare yourself to be wowed again, and watch the full routine above. Congrats to the five-time state champions!

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