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Princess Diana's Head Chef Talks About Weekend Meals

Princess Diana Was a "Terrible Cook," So Her Chef Helped Her in the Sweetest Way

BRISBANE - APRIL 11:  Diana, Princess of Wales, wearing the Spencer family tiara and diamond and sapphire jewels given to her by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and a pink dress designed by Victor Edelstein, attends a banquet on April 11, 1983 in Brisbane, Australia (Photo by Anwar Hussein/Getty Images)

Princess Diana was an inspiration for many reasons — her charity work, being a loving mother, and caring moments with members of the public to name a few — however, according to her head chef, Darren McGrady, one thing she wasn't so good at was cooking.

Speaking to Hello Magazine, the man behind cooking Diana's meals at Kensington Palace for four years up until her death said she was a "terrible cook," but of course this didn't mean she wasn't well-fed. Darren made sure Diana was looked after both on weekdays when he was cooking fresh for her but also on weekends, as he would prep her meals in advance. Darren said, "I worked Monday to Friday and I'd leave food in the refrigerator for the weekend, like stuffed peppers, she loved those for a weekend lunch." Since she wasn't always sure about reheating food, he would leave "little sticky notes with two on it, and that told her to put it in the microwave and press two," recalling "that's just how bad she was at cooking!"

Darren said that if Prince William and Prince Harry were home for the weekend from boarding school, he would stay there and cook on weekends too, but if it was just the princess at home, he'd leave her well-stocked with meals and the sweetest notes so she could easily serve herself meals.

Image Source: Getty / Anwar Hussein
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