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Priyanka Chopra Talks About Meghan Skipping Her Wedding

Priyanka Chopra Totally Shuts Down Rumours That She's Upset With Meghan Markle For Skipping Her Wedding

If you thought Priyanka Chopra was going to dish details of her friendship with Meghan Markle during her recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, prepare to be disappointed. The actress totally shut down a question about her relationship with the royal, using just a few words to make her thoughts known. A caller asked Priyanka if there was any truth the rumours that she was annoyed with Meghan for skipping her wedding. As you may remember, Priyanka was among the celebrity guests at Meghan and Prince Harry's wedding in May 2018, but Meghan and Harry were not there when Priyanka and Nick Jonas tied the knot in India the following December. Andy Cohen pushed Priyanka to comment, stating that there have been rumours she skipped Meghan's recent baby shower in NYC because she was annoyed with Meghan missing the nuptials.

Laughing and rolling her eyes in disbelief at the claim, Priyanka exclaimed "Oh my God, no, it's not true" and promptly left it at that. It seems she's still an important member of Meghan's inner circle, and no amount of gossip's going to change that.

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