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22 Celebrities Who Believe in Ghosts

Kim Kardashian May Have Had an Encounter With a Ghost: "I Am Freaking Out"

22 Celebrities Who Believe in Ghosts
Image Source: Getty / ANGELA WEISS

Not everyone believes in ghosts, but there are actually quite a few celebrities who have told tales about their strange interactions with the paranormal. Their tales range from the spine-chilling to the heartwarming — and after reading through them all, even if you're a stone-cold sceptic, you might just find yourself wondering if there's a grain of truth to them.

From Kim Kardashian catching a ghost in one of her mirror selfies and Cher's friendly encounter with her ex-husband's spirit to Miley Cyrus's truly terrifying brush with a spooky stranger, celebrity ghost tales range from the funny to the creepy.

Octavia Spencer has said that she has a protective ghost living in her house, while Demi Lovato said she once sang to a ghost who she empathised with. Meanwhile, Helena Bonham Carter has revealed that she once consulted a ghost to prepare for one of her roles, and "Ghostbusters" star Melissa McCarthy said she had ghosts for friends as a child.

That's just a small window into the treasure trove of celebrity ghost stories floating around out there. Keep reading to see what other stars have to say about their various paranormal experiences.

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