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Who Is Ashley Park Dating?

Ashley Park's Rumoured Exes Include a Couple of Broadway Stars

Who Is Ashley Park Dating?
Image Source: Getty/ Araya Doheny

Ashley Park is heading to the big screen this summer with "Joy Ride." The raunchy comedy, which hits cinemas on 4 August, stars Park, Sherry Cola, Stephanie Hsu, and Sabrina Wu as four Asian American friends who embark on a life-changing trip to China. The "Emily In Paris" actor plays the film's protagonist, Audrey Sullivan, who's searching for her birth mother. While Park has previously acted in films like "The V Card" and "Mr. Malcom's List," "Joy Ride" marks her first time as the main character of a major movie. After taking on supporting roles for most of her career, Park told InStyle in a 9 May interview that she's finally "giving myself permission" to be the lead. "It's the first time I've been number one on a call sheet, and it's an opportunity that I've been very ready to do," she said.

Park has had a busy few years. Apart from "Joy Ride" and "Emily In Paris," she's acted in TV series like "Girls5eva" and "Beef," as well as in musicals like "KPOP" and "Lady in the Dark." As Park's star continues to rise with every new project, you might be wondering what's her life like behind the scenes. While Park appears to be currently single, she's rumoured to have dated a few of her costars. So, who are her rumoured exes? Scroll through the slideshow to find out.

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