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Billie Eilish Reacts to Harry Styles's Grammys Performance

Billie Eilish and I Had the Same Shameless Reaction to Harry Styles's Grammys Performance

Wow. Have you fully recovered from Harry Styles's Grammys performance? No? Cool, me neither. The leather suit, the shirtlessness, the feather boa, the hip thrusting . . . this man knew exactly what he was doing, and it worked. The "Watermelon Sugar" magic clearly filled the room, as Billie Eilish was spotted on camera feeling the vibes. Her shoulder bobbing and slight smile said it all — the performance looked just as good in person as it did on screen.

We all deserve someone to look at us the way Billie looks at Harry. Come to think of it, I've definitely looked at a piece of pizza that way before. But it probably (read: absolutely) hits different when you're in the presence of Mr. Styles, though. Of course, Harry returned the favour when it was Billie's turn to take the stage, even gracing her performance with an exuberant dog whistle of approval. Icons supporting icons! Now let's get a collab between these nominees on the books, please.

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