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Who Is Lewis Capaldi Dating?

Lewis Capaldi Opens Up About His Girlfriend: "She's a Lovely Lady"

Who Is Lewis Capaldi Dating?
Image Source: Getty / Jo Hale

Everyone's favourite Scottish singer, songwriter, and musician Lewis Capaldi is opening up about his love life. Capaldi, 26, has been pretty secretive about his romances, but at the Brit Awards in February, he was spotted cosying up to Ellie MacDowall. In an April 2023 interview with BBC Radio 2, Capaldi — who released his "How I'm Feeling Now" documentary earlier this month — opened up about their relationship for the first time.

While discussing his single, "Wish You the Best", with host Scott Mills, Capaldi explained the song's meaning, saying, "All you say is, 'good luck, I'm really happy for you,' but actually you are dying inside and want to tell them all the things you miss about them and why they should stay with you, so it's just a really happy song for the summer."

Mills then asked Capaldi if he's in a rush to settle down, and the singer said, "I have a girlfriend and that's going really well. I am a happy chappy, she's a lovely lady. I feel good about everything."

While Capaldi's emotional love songs have become permanent fixtures on the radio and on our Spotify playlists, he's mostly kept his real-life romances a little more mysterious. Many "Love Island" fans are likely to be familiar with his ex-girlfriend Paige Turley, who rose to fame by winning the 2020 winter season, and was believed to have inspired some of his first album. After cancelling his tour following difficulties performing live at Glastonbury due to his Tourette's, a source told the Daily Mail, that MacDowell has been supporting Capaldi as he arrived home.

Read on to discover more about Capaldi's relationship history and who he's dating now.

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