Ryan Reynolds and Camila Cabello's Game of "True Confessions" Hit Some Unexpected Turns

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Ryan Reynolds and Camila Cabello put their persuasion abilities to the test in a round of "True Confessions" on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. During the Dec. 12 episode, the 43-year-old "Free Guy" star and 22-year-old "Señorita" singer played the game, in which they had to guess the validity of someone's claim. Ryan was naturally skilled at sharing his disclosure — which was "My mom once washed her hands with a urinal cake" — while keeping a poker face.

Camila, on the other hand, admitted to being "a bad liar." But when she confessed that she once lost Taylor Swift's cat, it was pretty hard for Ryan and Jimmy to gauge her honesty. Watch them interrogate Camila to see if she really was responsible for losing one of Taylor's beloved pets in the clip above!