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Selena Gomez, Jenny Slate, Nina Dobrev Love Language | Video

What's Your Favourite Celebrity's Love Language?

What will "fix anything" for Jenny Slate? What form of affection did Selena Gomez miss during the pandemic? These are just a couple of the major stars we spoke to about love — and, more specifically, their particular love language. The five love languages are ways that different people both express love to others and how they'd like to receive love. They are quality time, physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, and receiving gifts.

Matthew McConaughey's wise words about time definitely hit home, but we can't say we were surprised that Andy Samberg enjoys laughing with people (even if he said it in a classic, self-effacing way).

See if you can pinpoint the moment Scott Eastwood realises he hasn't thought much about how he gives love:

We're so glad we got these actors to take a moment to reveal something so personal about themselves. It's definitely got us thinking about love in a whole new way!

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