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Does Pennsatucky Die in Orange Is the New Black Season 7?

We're Still Thinking About the Shocking Twist in Pennsatucky's Story on OITNB

ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACKWarning: spoilers ahead for the finale of Orange Is the New Black.

Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett's (Taryn Manning) journey on Orange Is the New Black has been a wild one for sure. And the most tragic to see come to an end. After a season-long pursuit to get her GED, all comes crashing down with an unsettling and unexpected overdose as we say goodbye to poor Pennsatucky.

This season especially brought new life to Pennsatucky as she goes on a mission to achieve her higher education goals. After the new warden kick-starts a series of new rehabilitation programs for the inmates, Litchfield's favourite bible-thumping prisoner finds a new passion for education.

She comes to discover that her struggle with reading and learning in school is actually due to dyslexia. When her new instructor discover this, he enlists the support of Taystee (Danielle Brooks) as her new tutor and guarantees her extra time for her exams.

Taystee mentors Pennsatucky, along with a few other inmates as they all prepare for the big exam at the end of the program. The new GED instructor abruptly quits, following threats from Daya (Dascha Polanco) and her crew, leaving the students in the hands of good ol' CO Joel Luschek (Matt Peters).

When it finally comes time for Pennsatucky to take the final exam, she discovers that Luschek never completed or filed the necessary paperwork to vouch for her dyslexia and ensure her extra time on the exam. Certain she failed, Pennsatucky turns to Daya's drug-pushing crew for support. Pennsatucky ultimately turns to one final, lethal dose that takes her out.

Whether the intention to commit suicide was there or not, you can't help but weep for Pennsatucky as Taystee finds her dead in the laundry room. In the final episode, Pennsatucky is seen being taken away in a body bag, as the memory of her melts away in the snow.

Sobbing for a way out of her own, Taystee considers joining her student when the warden offers her a glimpse of hope. Taystee receives an envelope that contains all of her former students' GED certificates. The very last one she flips through is credited to Tiffany Doggett with a scorecard of her passing grade.

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