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Facebook New Feature Keyword Snooze for Blocking

Facebook Creates a New Feature For People Who Still Haven't Learned to Avoid Spoilers

>>> NOT TO BE USED UNTIL 10/24/16 at 1:00 AM EST <<< Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan - The Walking Dead _ Season 7, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMCImage Source: AMC

For anyone who has ever been too afraid to go online after they've missed an episode of their favourite show, Facebook has heard your cries. According to Entertainment Weekly, Facebook is currently testing a feature called "Keyword Snooze," which allows users to block certain keywords and prevent them from seeing stories containing those words. So, instead of simply ignoring posts or stories containing spoilers from your favourite TV shows, now you can just snooze them!

All you'll have to do is type in a keyword that would likely appear in the post, like "Negan," and anything containing that word will be blocked from your feed. The feature isn't permanent since the stories will only be blocked for 30 days, but of course you can always re-block if you need to. In other words, if you only want to block the keyword until you're all caught up, you can do that! Users will also be allowed to block stories from people, Pages, and Groups, and can find the feature in the suite of News Feed controls.

While you won't see any stories containing your forbidden keywords, you'll probably still see ads for them. A Facebook spokesperson explained to TechCrunch that "ads belong to a separate team, a separate algorithm," so snoozing only works for organic content. For now, the feature is being tested on a small percentage of users and will gradually roll out to a couple million users by next week. Just in time for everyone who will want to start snoozing those inevitable spoilers from Comic-Con.

Image Source: AMC
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