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Our Editors Choose the best Celebrity Big Brother UK Moments

As "Celebrity Big Brother" Returns, the POPSUGAR UK Editors Choose Their Best Bits

Winner Ryan Thomas with the other contestants during the live final of Celebrity Big Brother at Elstree Studios, Hertfordshire. (Photo by Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images)
Image Source: Ian West/PA Images via Getty Images

We are just days away from entering the "Big Brother" house once again. After a long, painful six years "Celebrity Big Brother", the "Big Brother" spin-off, is finally returning to our screens on March 4. Rejoice! Will Best and AJ Odudu will be hosting the show and there is an exciting rumoured line up of celebrity guests set to appear. From Love Island's Ekin Su to Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne, if the rumoured line up is true, we'll have an amazing show on our hands. As the new season launches, POPSUGAR UK Editors have chosen their most iconic moments from the reality show that remained engraved in our memories forever.

"David's Dead" — 2016

When I think of "Celebrity Big Brother," my mind instantly goes to this scene. This was quite possibly the biggest misunderstanding of all time - and we got to witness the chaos unfold on our screens. Picture this: Angie Bowie emerges from the diary room in distress after being told news from the outside world. Reality TV Queen Tiffany Pollard begs Bowie to tell her what has happened, and she uttered the words that changed the trajectory of reality TV, "David's Dead." Tiffany wailed loudly, instantly assuming that their fellow celebrity housemate, David Guest, had died.

The house erupted as all the celebrity housemates were trying to work out what had actually happened after they then noticed that Guest was still alive under the bed covers. However, Tiffany remained adamant that Bowie said that Guest had died. But alas - the news was actually sadly about the death of her ex-husband superstar David Bowie. — Aaliyah Harry, Associate Editor.

George Galloway's Cat Impression — 2006

17 years on and I'm still cringing. I'll never forget my mum letting me stay up past my bedtime to watch "Celebrity Big Brother" with this scene in particular being seared into my memory for years to come. Everything from series four's iconic yellow sofa to the creepy whispers of "pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy". There's not one part of this interaction I'll ever be able to forget. In their defence, it was part of a task but they took it a bit too far. It's making me shiver just thinking about it. The moment when he pretends to drink from her hands before crawling on the floor and starting to purr? It's so ridiculous that I can't help but love it. I might even suggest going as George Galloway and Rula Lenska for Halloween with my partner this year. - Chloe Dunn, Senior Social Content Producer.

"He's Mugged You Off Dahlin!" - 2014

Sure you can walk around shouting "David's dead!" repeatedly, or you can be just a tiny bit 'alternative' and prove your UK noughties celeb knowledge by (in many, many situations) declaring: "He's mugged you off dahlin!"

Honestly, you don't need to know the context - just watch. But, basically, model Casey Batchelor's mum, Kim, is allowed into the house to speak to her daughter and uses the opportunity to thoroughly stitch up Blue member Lee Ryan, who's been messing (the viewer knows) Casey around. "When he's in the diary room, he says you get on his tits" is probably the second most iconic line in "CBB UK" history for my money.

What makes it even better/worse? The fact that the housemates are taking part in a statue challenge and aren't able to move throughout the whole thing. There's total silence and when people talk about reaction faces, this is the best ever example. The side-eyes from the housemates were never bettered on British TV. "Even Love Island" movie night could never. - Rhiannon Evans, Interim Content Director.

"I'm claustrophobic Darren!" - 2016

Three little words which will be forever etched into my memory. To be fair there were so many iconic GC moments from "CBB UK" Series 17, you would think it would be hard to single one out, but an emotional Gemma Collins" wearing a pair of dark sunnies and screaming at Darren Day across the room takes the crown. It was so iconic Primark printed it on T-Shirts. Eight years on I still find even trying to say the word claustrophobic without doing an impersonation almost impossible. - Lauren Ezekiel, Associate Editor.

BOREHAMWOOD, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 02:  Gemma Collins is the 7th celebrity evicted from the Big Brother House at Elstree Studios on February 2, 2016 in Borehamwood, England.  (Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage)

Megan McKenna Goes Ballistic At John Partridge - 2016

Megan going mad at John was my favourite moment of what I believe to be the most iconic series of the celebrity version OF "Big Brother". Her anger really resonated with me, she used to be so relatably unhinged. I quote: "Hello, let me in there" regularly. - Lauren Gordon, Editorial Coordinator.

Aaliyah Harry(she/her) is the associate editor at POPSUGAR UK. She writes extensively across lifestyle, culture and beauty. Aaliyah also has a deep passion for telling stories and giving voice to the voiceless. Previously, she has contributed to Refinery29, Grazia UK and The Voice Newspaper.

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