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Hang the DJ Dating App in Real Life

Remember the Dating App in That Beautiful Black Mirror Episode? Well, Now It's Real

Netflix just figured out the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day this year. No, not a premade romantic comedy marathon (although we'd be into that), or even their new, weepy original movie, Irreplaceable You (which we're also into, for the record). Instead, the streaming giant decided to bring to life the dating app from a recent episode of Black Mirror.

The beautiful, bittersweet episode in question, "Hang the DJ," is a love story hinging around two people living in a community of people called The System. Everyone has been given a digital "coach" who lives in a small electronic disc, which they carry around with them everywhere. The sole purpose of living in The System is to find "the one," so you are matched with a series of different people for varying lengths of time (anywhere from one day to multiple years) until you reach your soul mate.

Obviously Netflix can't recreate that exact situation — although they did just make a deal with Ryan Murphy for $300 million, so they could if they really wanted to — so the company opted for the next best thing: this website. After a Black Mirror fan tweeted at Netflix wishing that the Coach app was real, the big announcement was made:

So, what happens when you visit this Coach? Well, it prompts you to click on one of the circular beepers that the people in "Hang the DJ" carry around, and then send a provided link to your significant other to see how good of a match they are.

Once you and your partner click into the link and confirm you're ready, the site will reveal the big answer to both of you at the same time. For instance, my boyfriend and I both clicked on it and got "Ultimate Match," before it started recalibrating just like it does to the characters in the episode. If we trust this Coach, we'll be together for all of . . .

EIGHT MINUTES?! Well, I guess he was starting to get on my nerves (kidding, if you're reading this, Justin). If you too want to cast doubts on your relationship this Valentine's Day, test out the Coach now!

Image Source: Netflix
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