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Will Li Shang Be in Disney's Live-Action Mulan?

Li Shang Might Not Be in Disney's Live-Action Mulan Movie and Fans Are LIVID

MULAN, Mulan (left, voice: Ming-Na), Shang, (centre, voice: B.D. Wong), 1998. Buena Vista Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection.

Disney has been busy making preparations for its live-action version of Mulan, but there is one role that has yet to be cast: Li Shang. While the character serves as Mulan's commander-turned-love interest in the original, it seems like he might not be making an appearance in the reboot. After Rogue One star Donnie Yen was cast as a new character named Commander Tung last week, a casting call for the film was uncovered revealing that Mulan's love interest will now be a solider named Chen Honghui.

According to the listing, Chen will serve as Mulan's "chief rival" who has a "mean, bullying streak to him." However, after he realises that Mulan is actually a woman, those "intense feelings of rivalry" eventually turn into love. It didn't take long for fans to voice their strong opinions about the recast, as fans have long considered Li Shang to be a "bisexual icon" for falling in love with Mulan when he thought she was a man. Alas, it seems like this isn't the only change the new film will make.

While the original film's antagonist was Shan Yu, the king of the Huns, the live-action version is adding a new character. Actress Gong Li has been cast as a powerful witch who will act as the main villain. At least there is one thing we can all rest assured about: the reboot will include music like the original. As you mourn the possible loss of Li Shang, see some of the best reactions below.


Image Source: Everett Collection
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