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The Push Netflix TV Show Trailer

Um, Netflix Has a New, F*cked Up Reality Show Where the Goal Is Murder

On Tuesday, Netflix released a trailer for a new show called The Push. "Chris is enmeshed in a web of lies, and that's important," says the voice of Derren Brown, a British psychological illusionist. "I need him to feel like there's no way out when he's told to commit murder." Yep, this show is an elaborately constructed experiment involving over 70 actors. The show is created by Brown himself, and it's an insane psychological exercise: if it's successful, Chris will decide to commit murder by pushing an innocent person off a building. Even the trailer alone raises a lot of questions. If this even ethical? Will Chris need loads of therapy if he literally makes the active decision to kill another human? What exactly is the benefit here?

According to Entertainment Weekly, this is only the first of three Netflix specials from Brown, all of which will supposedly test the limits of human sanity and morality. According to Netflix's official description, he believes that "even the most moral people can be made to commit the most horrendous acts, simply because they are told to do so." We're . . . really not sure what to root for here. The Push hits Netflix on Feb. 27.

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