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SNL "Bodega Bathroom" Musical Sketch Video March 2019

SNL Has the Perfect Follow-Up to Diner Lobster: Presenting the Bodega Bathroom Musical!

In April 2018, John Mulaney hosted Saturday Night Live when the popular "Diner Lobster" sketch aired. Nearly a year later, he's back with its sequel, "Bodega Bathroom." In the March 3 episode of SNL, Mulaney portrays the owner of a small grocery store that's visited by two customers played by Pete Davidson and Chris Redd. When Davidson's character asks to use the bathroom, he soon learns that using a public bathroom in a bodega is an unsanitary no-no. And the way he learns that lesson is through a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory-esque musical sequence in which Kenan Thompson — dressed as a furry animal — sings alongside Mulaney, giant insects, Oompa Loompas, and Kate McKinnon in a Virgin Mary candle costume. Oh, and a giant toilet starts belting, too. Seriously, we're not making this up . . . just watch for yourself.

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