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Taylor Swift Delicate Rehearsal Videos

Those Goofy Moves in Taylor Swift's "Delicate" Video Took a Lot of Practice

Taylor Swift's meme-worthy music video for "Delicate" may have a "dance like nobody's watching" vibe, but in truth, every single jerky movement and silly face was perfectly choreographed ahead of time. Swift took to Instagram to share a pair of videos from her dance rehearsals for the video, in which you see her master the robot, the puppet, and the over-the-top jazz moves that made the video an instant talking-point.

Of course, we knew that epic split on the hood of a cab probably took some prep (and it seems like she's been practicing it since her "Shake it Off" days) but even those childlike jumps in the rain were honed to perfection in a dance studio before the cameras rolled.

The video got people talking for more than just it's goofy dance routine, though. Some have accused Swift and director Joseph Kahn of copying a Kenzo perfume video from 2016, directed by Spike Jonze and featuring The Leftovers star Margaret Qualley. Are the claims valid? Take a look for yourself and decide.

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