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What Is Netflix's The I-Land About?

Netflix's New Series Is a Murderous Mix of Black Mirror and Fyre Festival — Watch the Trailer

Have you ever wondered what Fyre Festival would've been like if the attendees started murdering each other in increasingly vicious scenarios? Apparently the creators of Netflix's upcoming limited series The I-Land did, which you can see in the first trailer for the show above.

In it, we're met with footage of models frolicking in crystal clear water, people lounging on the sand of an unidentified island, and a large audience dancing at an EDM concert. Text flashes over the images, promising an "immersive and exclusive" experience that's "captivating and breathtaking." And then, it's revealed that the people who go there aren't allowed to leave. Uh-oh.

In Netflix's official description of the show, "ten people wake up on a treacherous island with no memory of who they are or how they got there, and set off on a trek to try to get back home." But as the group soon discovers, they must face extreme psychological and physical challenges to escape as their "best" selves, or be killed as their "worst" selves. Suddenly Fyre Festival's cheese sandwiches don't sound so bad.

The 7-episode series drops on Sept. 12, and stars Kate Bosworth, Alex Pettyfer, Natalie Martinez, and Kota Eberhardt, among others.

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