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What Is Ryan Murphy's Netflix Show Ratched About?

Ryan Murphy's New Netflix Show Packs a Thrilling Cast and a Chilling Premise

What Is Ryan Murphy's Netflix Show Ratched About?
Image Source: Netflix

Ryan Murphy currently has his hand in American Horror Story, American Crime Story, and 9-1-1, and these shows don't even scratch the surface of his massive Netflix deal. In January 2019, the TV powerhouse made an announcement about his upcoming series, Ratched. It wasn't until Murphy came across the spec script by Evan Romansky that he felt it was time to bring the antagonist's origin story to the screen. Murphy described Ratched to Vanity Fair as "an imagining of how this monster was created" because "she became almost like a catchphrase for any sort of institutional abuse of power." Keep reading for a refresher on the inspiration behind Ratched and its premiere date, which is sooner than you think.

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