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Who Is the Killer on Sharp Objects?

Now's Your Last Chance to Guess the Murderer on Sharp Objects — Let's Review

We've made it to the season finale of Sharp Objects, and it's safe to say we're more on edge than ever. As we've drunkenly swerved down this twisted, winding road with our haunted heroine, Camille, we've encountered some pretty dark sh*t, plus an intense sex scene or two. But hey, at least we have that gritty, electrifying soundtrack to help us floating along. All through this sweaty journey, our perceptions have certainly shifted, but the one big question has always remained the same: who is the killer in Wind Gap?

Just before the show's unsettling conclusion, we've rounded up a small group of possible suspects with some light musings about why they might be our murderer in question. As a note, I know many of you viewers may have read the book and know who the killer is based on that. Consider this an exploration for those who didn't read it! Or, even better, maybe the show will have some new twist on the source material that will have all of us surprised. Place your bets now, people.

  • Adora Crellin: In the penultimate episode, we learn that Adora is seriously mentally ill and that she inadvertently killed one of her daughters due to her Munchausen's syndrome by proxy. It's clear she harms little girls. As a counterpoint, the recent murders are much more violent, but they could be a product of the rage that has built in Adora over the years.
  • Amma Crellin: Throughout the course of the series, it's become alarming clear that Amma is also very unstable. She's borderline obsessed with Camille, and it's clear that Adora's mental illness has built resentment and anger inside her. Amma is strangely a strong candidate, but could she have committed such violent and forceful murders by herself? I mean, never say never.
  • John Keene: We have to include John; he's the prime suspect for the police, after all. Frankly, I've gone back and forth on this one, because he truly seems devastated by the loss of his sister, but he also seems to harboring a great deal of inner turmoil. Is there a chance he could've done it? I think so.

  • Madison Davenport: John's girlfriend is another who's arousing a lot of suspicion for me. She seems so desperate to be featured in Camille's articles and has made quite the show of shoving John into the spotlight. Plus, the blood under the bed is technically in her pool house. She seems just crazy enough to have done it for attention.
  • Chief Bill Vickery: Yes, he's a cop and one of the lead investigators on the case. But police forces sometimes seem to house the most corrupt members of a township. It would be pretty easy for Vickery to cover his tracks while simultaneously conducting the investigation. In fact, he could really get away with it by having that kind of power. He may seem unlikely, but we wouldn't be surprised.
  • Alan Crellin: It's a short list of prime suspects, and Alan barely makes the cut. I mean, he seems like such a gentle and unassuming man, keen to mostly just saunter around while his loud, sad music plays. But Alan has dealt with loss and has been Adora and Amma's handler for quite some time. Maybe her finally snapped. Maybe an internal misery and devastation finally bubbled over, and he did something he couldn't take back.
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