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Ahsoka Character Guide

Here's Your Ultimate Guide to "Ahsoka"'s Characters and Their Importance

Ahsoka Character Guide
Image Source: YouTube | Star Wars

"Ahsoka" has finally arrived on Disney+. The show, which premiered on Aug. 23, has been highly anticipated among fans because it's set to reveal what happened to Ahsoka and the rest of the Ghost crew following the events of "Star Wars Rebels." The animated series ran for four seasons from October 2014 to March 2018. Since it ended on a major cliffhanger, viewers hoped the show's finale wouldn't be the last time they'd see their favourite "Rebels" characters.

After years of waiting, Ahsoka finally returned during the second season of "The Mandalorian." In her episode, titled "The Jedi," we learned that she's been searching for the legendary Grand Admiral Thrawn. Since "Rebels" ends with Thrawn and the Jedi Ezra Bridger disappearing into hyperspace, "The Mandalorian" teased Ahsoka is searching for the blue-skinned villain in hopes that he could lead her to her lost friend. Now that "Ahsoka" is here, we know her mission isn't just about reuniting with Ezra but also preventing Thrawn from starting an all-out war.

Ahead, find a character guide of everyone you should know in "Ahsoka," from members of the Ghost crew to all of the villains they're up against.

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