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Baby Yoda Pushing Buttons Meme Videos

Baby Yoda Jams to "Get Low," "Baby Shark," and More Bops in Hilarious Mandalorian Memes

Baby Yoda Pushing Buttons Meme Videos
Image Source: Disney+

Even if you haven't seen The Mandalorian on Disney+ and you aren't the biggest Star Wars fan, chances are you've seen Baby Yoda (aka the internet's unofficial son) popping up on pretty much every available meme-sharing space. While I'm a fan of any and all Baby Yoda memes, this new one shows a clip from the series of the little green alien pushing buttons on the Mandalorian's ship without permission, which results in some audio that's a true blast from the past, including hits from the Backstreet Boys, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Mariah Carey, and more. The look on Baby Yoda's face when the music starts to play is too precious.

As annoyed as the Mandalorian seems, it's almost impossible to be mad at Baby Yoda, especially when he has such awesome music taste — so, yeah, I'd still babysit him anytime. See Baby Yoda rocking out to "Baby Shark," "Get Low," "Africa," and more throwback songs ahead.

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