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Best Big Brother Moments Over the Years

The Best "Big Brother" Moments Over the Years That Are Just Too Good to Forget

Best Big Brother Moments Over the Years

We need to give credit where credit's due: "Big Brother" has given us an unbeatable archive of TV gold moments over the years. As the mother of reality shows, and the first of its kind to grace our screens back in 2000, it paved the way for enjoyable, easy-watching that has undoubtedly gifted us with some of the most iconic telly scenes in viewing history. I mean, how often do you still hear, "I'm Claustrophobic, Darren"?

Now, after five years off-air, the show is undergoing a reboot with a fresh cast, brand-new house, and AJ Odudu and Will Best as the hosts. Its revival by ITV, who has housed reality-hit "Love Island" for eight years, comes after Channel 5 axed the show in 2018 amid slumping ratings.

During the "Big Brother" heyday, when it used to air several times a year, the reality series treated us to some unforgettable scenes, as well as iconic housemates. It was the starting point for "This Morning" presenters Alison Hammond and Josie Gibson, it catapulted receptionist Chantelle Houghton to fame, and it coined the OG reality TV villain Nasty Nick. Not to mention the meltdowns, arguments, and romances that had us glued to our screens every night.

So, before the house doors open on 8 October, read on to remind yourself of the iconic TV moments "Big Brother" has brought us that we simply cannot forget.

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