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Best LGBTQ+ Book Accounts on TikTok

15 TikTok Accounts That'll Help You Dive Into LGBTQ+ Literature


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If you've been looking for more books by LGBTQ+ authors or literature that delves into the queer experience in an authentic way, this one's for you. Whether you're in the market for a novel that offers a deep, thought-provoking depiction of your life experience and identity or you're interested in diving in head first into a book that highlights an experience quite different from yourself, there are many amazing TikTok accounts dedicated to books by LGBTQ+ authors and to the amplification of queer and BIPOC literature.

Recommending work that is so crucial to expanding people's minds, making the world a more beautiful place for everyone, and allowing so many to feel represented and seen, these accounts recommend their favourite LGBTQ+ books in fun, irreverent, and oftentimes hilarious ways. Swipe through to see our favourite #queerbooktok accounts, and hopefully, you'll find incredible recommendations for page-turners that can accompany you out and about or at home with a cup of tea.

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