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Beyoncé Renaissance Lyrics For Instagram Captions

66 Beyoncé "Renaissance" Lyrics For Instagram Captions That'll Accompany Your Tour Pics

Beyoncé Renaissance Lyrics For Instagram Captions
Image Source: Getty / Kevin Mazur

If you've been lucky enough to get tickets to Beyoncé's Renaissance tour then, firstly, we couldn't be more jealous. Secondly, it's likely you'll be taking some photos to put all over your social media, right? Whether filming videos of her insane vocals, highlighting the many incredible costume changes, or simply taking a selfie in the crowd, it's likely you'll be trying to think up a witty caption to sit alongside your post. Well, why not let Beyoncé write it for you.
On 29 July, Beyoncé dropped her 16-track album, "Renaissance." Ahead of the release, she promised a safe place without judgement, a place to feel freedom and find joy — and she delivered on each and every promise.

With samples from house music's legendary artists such as Big Freedia and influences from dance music and its various subgenres and cultures like house, bounce, disco, techno, and ballroom culture, "Renaissance" brings club vibes right to us. Whether you need a self-love anthem ("Cosy" and "Alien Superstar") or tunes for alone time with that special someone ("Plastic Off the Sofa" and "Virgo's Groove"), or you're throwing it back in the club ("Church Girl"), this album's got it all. It's fun, sexy, liberating, and unapologetically Black. We challenge you to get through all 16 tracks without busting a move.

With lyrics inspiring us to quit our jobs, have some fun, and find some good lovin' amid chaos, how could we pass on using these affirming, empowering, and saucy lyrics in our Instagram captions all summer long? To accompany all your convert photos, read on for 66 lyrics for Instagram captions from Beyoncé's new album, "Renaissance."

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