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Chloe Bailey Stuns For "Have Mercy" TikTok Challenge

Chloe Bailey's TikTok For the "Have Mercy" Challenge Has Us Ready to Hit the Dance Floor


learned @thecharlesniko dance to have mercy 💃🏾 how did i do? 😇 tag me in your best dance videos reposting my favs 💕 #havemercychallenge #fyp

♬ Have Mercy - Chlöe

Chloe Bailey certainly knows how to tease a single, and we can't wait until she drops "Have Mercy." On 12 July, the 23-year-old singer participated in TikTok's #HaveMercyChallenge with moves by Charles Niko. Of course, she absolutely rocked the challenge, and with each body roll, we were already imagining what the full song will sound like when blasted through a club's speakers. As if Bailey's sultry moves weren't enough, Niko had the best reaction to learning that she had done his dance. "Thank you so much Chloe . . . the Queen has done my dance," he captioned his duet while calling it an honour to have his favourite artist do his choreography. You can see Bailey's version in the video above and Niko's reaction below.


#duet with @chloebaileywashere thank you so much Chloe ❤️❤️🔥🔥 the Queen 👸🏽 has done my dance!!! #havemerychallenge #viral #manifest #chloe

♬ Have Mercy - Chlöe
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