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A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby Movie Trailer

Netflix's A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby Is Almost Here — Watch the Trailer!

It looks like dirty nappies are going to be the least of Queen Amber (Rose McIver) and King Richard's (Ben Lamb) worries judging from the trailer for A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby!

In the trailer for Netflix's upcoming holiday rom-com, which is set to premiere on Dec. 5, the couple are once again enjoying Christmastime in Aldovia, only this time a royal baby is on the way. Before Amber and Richard can take some time off to prepare for their little one's arrival, they need to host King Tai (Kevin Shen) and Queen Ming (Momo Yeung) of Penglia to renew a 600-year-old sacred truce between their countries.

The only catch? The treaty ends up mysteriously going missing, threatening to undue peace talks and set in motion an ancient curse. Can Amber use her blogging skills to figure out who the thief is before the clock strikes midnight on Christmas Eve?!

Check out the trailer for the film above, and then take a peek at all the other exciting new titles headed to Netflix in December!

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