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How Old Are the Freeridge Cast?

The Ages of the "Freeridge" Cast Compared to Their Characters

How Old Are the Freeridge Cast?

Upon its premiere in 2018, Netflix's "On My Block" quickly became a favourite among viewers and critics alike, which led to a four-season run for the comedy series. Despite "On My Block" ending in 2021, fans of the show are getting another dose of the beloved series in "Freeridge," a spin-off of the series that features a different storyline and a new cast.

"Freeridge," which premieres on Netflix Feb. 2, centres around a group of friends, consisting of siblings Gloria and Ines, and their friends Cameron and Demi, who accidentally unleash a curse that wreaks havoc on their lives. As they deal with the consequences of their accident, the friends have to get to the bottom of the mystery and reverse the curse before it gets out of control.

The cast of "Freeridge" features a handful of fresh faces that differ from "On My Block," but how old are the young cast members of the show? Are they actually high schoolers?

Here's how close in age the actors of "Freeridge" are compared to their characters in the series.

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