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Friends Monopoly Game

Friends Monopoly Exists, So Alert Your Real-Life Central Perk Crew!

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Friends Monopoly Game
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There's no escaping '90s nostalgia — it's everywhere. From the resurgence of chokers and dungarees to feel-good TV revivals, everything old is new again, and it's even influencing classic board games. Case in point: a Friends Monopoly game is available, and oh . . . my . . . God!

This game is perfect for a real-life group of friends who constantly relate to the Central Perk crew. You can play as any one of the six core characters by choosing a token: there's Monica's chef hat, Ross's dinosaur, Chandler's tank top, Rachel's handbag, Phoebe's guitar, and Joey's pizza.

Isn't that just kick-you-in-the-crotch, spit-on-your-neck fantastic? It's officially "The One Where We Get a Friends Monopoly Game."

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