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Here's What Happens in the Pose Series Finale

Why the Series Finale of Pose Had Us Heartbroken and Hopeful, All at the Same Time

Watch out! This post contains spoilers.

Here's What Happens in the Pose Series Finale
Image Source: FX

After three seasons, the ballroom has officially closed for the Emmy-nominated Pose. The final season of FX's drama is both uplifting and absolutely gut-wrenching as fans say farewell to the House of Evangelista. In true Ryan Murphy form, not everyone has a happy ending in the finale, but isn't that how life works? The seventh and final episode of season three sees the Evangelistas dealing with a health crisis, a few new beginnings, a cheeky Sex and the City reference, and what it means to truly leave a legacy.

For those watching in real time, the two-hour series finale was an emotional roller coaster we weren't quite ready to get off of, as it meant the end of the road for characters we had come to consider our chosen family. And yes, that roller-coaster ride included plenty of tears. "It was a layered experience that took a long time to shoot," Sandra Bernhard said of the finale to POPSUGAR. "We covered so many earth-shattering moments — losing good friends, being triumphant, watching the end of an era, hesitantly welcoming another — all this with the reality that we would never be together in this setting again. The work, the friendships, the evolution takes time to process. That's what good art creates."

If you missed out on the finale — and can't wait until 2022, when season three will likely drop on Netflix — ahead, you can find out just what happens during the aptly titled "Series Finale."

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