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Jason Momoa Watches Slumberland With His New Pet Pig

A Shirtless Jason Momoa Has a "Slumberland" Watch Party With His Pet Pig

There's no bond quite like the one between a man and his . . . pig? In a recent video posted on 20 Nov., Jason Momoa watches his latest film, "Slumberland," alongside his newly adopted pet pig. The mini watch party opens with Momoa curled up on his couch with the little black pig literally wrapped up in a blanket and held comfortably in his arms. "Pretty cute, huh?" he comments as the two watch an animated pig from the movie run across the screen. "But not as cute as you."

Based on Momoa's Instagram videos from 6 Nov., he most likely met his four-legged friend on the set of "Slumberland." In one of his earlier posts about the pig, Momoa captioned the clip, "this is why i can't work with animals i want to bring them home," and described the adorable creature as "wild and feral like his pops." He also shared that he's still between names, revealing Lau Lau and Manapua to be the top two contenders — both of which are the names of Hawaiian dishes typically containing pork.

Among other magical themes, "Slumberland" is a film about a girl whose stuffed pig comes alive at night, which in some ways might make Lau Lau (or Manapua) the perfect movie critic. "That's her pig, and you're my pig. 'Kay?!" Momoa explains to his patient movie-watching partner. Throughout the film, Momoa feeds his pet snacks to keep him entertained, saying, "I usually eat popcorn, but . . . ," and routinely exclaiming over his new friend's cuteness. See the full video above for a cuteness overload, and place your bets now for which name Momoa will end up choosing.

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