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Watch Jimmy Fallon as Nicolas Cage as Joe Exotic

If Nicolas Cage Being Cast as Joe Exotic Wasn't Enough, Here's Jimmy Fallon as Nicolas Cage as Joe Exotic

Shortly after it was announced that Nicolas Cage will be playing Joe Exotic in a new Tiger King series, Jimmy Fallon gave us a "sneak peak" into the future on Tuesday's episode of The Tonight Show. Fallon's always been known for his impressions, but this one might be his best yet. From the moment he appears on screen in Exotic's iconic bleach-blond mullet and leopard-print shirt, you can't help but smile. When he opens his mouth, it's almost as if Fallon has ceased to exist and there's only Nicolas Cage's Joe Exotic.

It's hard to choose a favourite moment from the video. Without spoiling anything, just know there's a mention of Carole Baskin, as well as a Tiger King-worthy song. Watch the entire clip above if you'd like to fully embrace the wild and weird that will come with Nicolas Cage as Joe Exotic.

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