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Julia Michaels Performs "If The World Was Ending" at Home

Who Let Me Watch This Moving "If the World Was Ending" Performance Without Tissues?

Do you have an emotional song or video you return to when you need a good cry? Well, it seems my lineup just got a new addition: collaborators and real-life couple Julia Michaels and JP Saxe just shared a stirring, at-home performance of their song "If the World Was Ending."

Though the song was first released last year, it's recently become incredibly popular on TikTok as of late, and Selena Gomez, who is friends with Michaels, also included the track in her recent roundup of entertainment recommendations. This quieter, acoustic rendition allows for the subtleties in Michaels and Saxe's vocals to shine more, and their chemistry is also palpable, with Michael whispering "always" during one particularly romantic moment. Enjoy it above, preferably with tissues nearby.

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