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Natalie Portman Re-Creates Movie Career With James Corden

Watch Natalie Portman Act Out Her Movie Career in Just 7 Minutes With James Corden

Natalie Portman has countless movies under her belt, and she reenacted 21 of them in rapid-fire succession on "The Late Late Show" on 25 April. The actor teamed up with host James Corden to act out her most memorable roles in just seven minutes, resulting in a hilarious supercut of her nearly 30-year film career.

With the help of a green screen and an impressive rotation of props and costumes, Portman and Corden re-created scenes from "Léon: The Professional," her film debut; "Black Swan," the role that secured her Oscar; and all three Star Wars productions she's appeared in. And don't worry, Marvel fans, her Thor appearances are included — giant hammer, bulky armour, and all.

Halfway through the segment, Portman paused to shout out HBO's upcoming docuseries about Angel City FC, the Los Angeles women's football team she co-owns with other stars like Gabrielle Union, Serena Williams (and Williams's 5-year-old daughter, Olympia Ohanian), Jennifer Garner, and Uzo Aduba. "Angel City is basically like your team, West Ham, but with more players who've won the World Cup," the mother of two joked to Corden. After the quick promotion, she tossed on a red beret, caught a flying baguette, and snapped right back into character to act out a scene from her 2006 film "Paris, Je T'aime."

Ready to take a trip down memory lane and relive Portman's storied career? Grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the segment in full above.

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