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When Will Lupin Part 2 Be on Netflix?

Good News! Netflix Confirms Lupin Part 2 Will Return This Summer


Netflix's latest series Lupin is quickly becoming a fan favourite. The French heist thriller first premiered on 8 Jan. and is already breaking streaming records. Since there are only five episodes, it goes without saying that people have already binge-watched the series it in its entirety and are ready for more. Thankfully, the story isn't over yet.

During the credits at the end of the fifth episode, Netflix confirms there will be a part two and it's "coming soon." As if that wasn't exciting enough, the remaining episodes have already been written and filmed. In a recent profile of the show's star Omar Sy in The New York Times, it was further revealed that the second part is "set to follow later this year."

On 28 Jan., Netflix announced that the series will officially return in summer 2021. Although they didn't give an exact date, they did confirm that it would consist of five more episodes, which will be directed by Ludovic Bernard and Hugo Gélin. Seeing that season one ends on a few major cliffhangers, we are more than eager to binge-watch part two later this year.

Image Source: Netflix
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