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Pixar's Forky Asks a Question Miniseries Trailer

Toy Story 4's Forky Is Back For a Pixar Miniseries That Answers Life's Important Questions

Gather 'round, Toy Story 4 fans, because Pixar is bringing back its newest toy, Forky, for his own 10-part miniseries on Disney+! In a trailer released on Wednesday, Pixar gave us all a sneak peek at Forky Asks a Question, in which the hand-crafted toy asks a few "hard-hitting" questions — like "What is cheese?" — that appeal to toddlers, children, and adults alike.

The trailer goes on to show Forky covering important topics like art, time, friendship, and more, making the show educational and hilarious for kids of all ages (and anyone who's a kid at heart). The Pixar miniseries will air on Nov. 12, the official launch date of Disney+, and will be exclusively available to subscribers. Watch the full trailer here to get hyped for the adorable new miniseries.

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