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SNL "Judge Barry" Sketch Video

Jason Momoa and Chance the Rapper Are Guilty of Cracking Each Other Up During This SNL Skit

Chance the Rapper tried his best to keep it together while hosting Saturday Night Live on Oct. 26, but some things are worth breaking over. For example: when Jason Momoa bursts onto the scene and rips open his leopard print coat to reveal jangly nipple rings. Yeah, you just have to giggle.

Chance's Judge Barry can tell if a defendant is guilty simply by hearing a few words — or even looking at them. Jason comes before the judge as Apollo Benz, a man guilty of stealing from an elderly woman, played by Kate McKinnon. Inevitably, hilarity ensues as soon as Jason says "Now listen, your hombre." Watch the full sketch above to see Chance and Jason try to keep from laughing while finishing up the funny sketch.

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