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Jenna Ortega Movies and TV Shows

Jenna Ortega's Résumé Has Everything From Disney to Horror Flicks

Jenna Ortega Movies and TV Shows
Image Source: Netflix

Back in 2019, Jenna Ortega said she wanted to "break away" from the Disney Channel mould after working on "Stuck in the Middle." Over the past few years, it's safe to say she's done that and more. Most recently, Ortega starred in Netflix's "Wednesday," the streamer's hit series based on the famous Addams Family character, which is now gearing up for a second season. The newly dubbed Gen Z scream queen also stars in "Scream 6" following her stellar performance as Tara Carpenter in the 2022 version of "Scream," aka "Scream 5."

But before Ortega's stint as the Addams Family's oldest child and her latest movie role, she worked hard to carve her name into the thriller-horror genre with other projects like "The Babysitter: Killer Queen," "You," "Studio 666," and A24's "X." As a former-Disney-star-turned-horror-actor, Ortega told POPSUGAR in December 2019, "My goal in acting was I never wanted to be pigeonholed into a certain character type."

It seems the actor is sticking to that motto with her next film project: her first rom-com, which she also produced, titled "Winter Spring Summer or Fall." Surprisingly, or perhaps not, Ortega actually isn't a big fan of rom-coms. "I hate being googoogaga over a boy," she told Elle in her April 2023 cover story. "I think it's secretly a pride thing. It's a problem with a lot of female characters, that a lot of them are guy oriented or what they're expressing or emoting is based on a guy's position and a guy's story."

Throughout Ortega's decade-long career in Hollywood (she's only 20, by the way), the actor has proven she's a jack of all trades. One moment she'll be playing the role of an innocent teenager ("Yes Day"), and the next she's hunting dinosaurs ("Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous") or chasing down a murder suspect while writing her own murder mysteries as Wednesday. Overall, it's clear that Ortega is just getting started.

Keep reading to see all of Ortega's major movie and TV roles so far.

— Additional reporting by Emily Weaver and Eden Arielle Gordon

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