Did You See This Grey's Anatomy Bombshell Coming? Because We Sure Didn't!

The Grey's Anatomy Fall finale left us with questions we already thought were solved, such as who's the father of Amelia's baby? Up until now, we — and Amelia — have been certain that the only possible father was her kindhearted boyfriend Link, but an ultrasound in Thursday night's episode revealed that we could have been wrong all along.

When Carina gives Amelia what they're both assuming is a scan at 20 weeks of pregnancy, Carina discovers something unexpected. Amelia's pregnancy is actually further along than that: she's 24 weeks pregnant, not 20. That new timeline means that her ex-husband Owen could potentially be the father instead of Link, a prospect that Amelia realised with no small degree of horror. Of course, this being a Grey's midseason finale, we didn't get any resolution or confirmation before the credits rolled; we'll have to wait until new episodes resume in January for that.

Right now, it's anyone's guess as to how this paternity question will play out. Timelines on Grey's are notoriously inconsistent, so it all hinges on how much time elapsed between the end of Amelia's marriage to Owen and the beginning of her hookups with Link. It's very possible that we'll have a Mamma Mia-esque scenario on our hands, where the timing is too close together to be certain who the father is without a paternity test.

There's a pretty good chance that there won't be an answer right away, especially given how Grey's tends to linger on high-drama scenarios like this. Drawing out the paternity arc would certainly inject some drama into Amelia's storyline, which has been surprisingly stable and happy, even with the pregnancy announcement. It would also shake things up for Link, who has had little to do this season other than play supportive boyfriend to Amelia and supportive BFF to Jo, and for Owen, who previously "chose" Teddy — in no small part due to the fact that she was pregnant with his child. However things pan out, it's certainly a big twist in one of the season's biggest storylines, and we'll be eagerly waiting to find out how things will resolve!