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Will There Be a Season 2 of Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist?

How That Big Twist Could Play Out If Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist Gets Renewed For Season 2

Watch out! This post contains spoilers.


Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist season one has come to an end. After cheering us up with flashy musical numbers and choreography all season, the season one finale ends on a more sombre note as Zoey says goodbye to her father Mitch, who dies from a rare degenerative brain disease called progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP). With everything that happens in the episode (including Zoey finally choosing between Max and Simon), we're all eager to see how the story plays out in a potential season two.

Though the show hasn't officially been renewed, the show's creator Austin Winsberg is "cautiously optimistic" for a second season. "We have a lot of internal love and support at NBC," he told Entertainment Tonight. "They've been so great with the show from minute one and really allowed the show to be my vision, which is so rare for network television. I'm so appreciative of how much creative freedom they gave me, and I think that they just need to, during this corona time, figure out when productions can go back to work and how many shows are they going to need and what's it all going to look like? So I think they're figuring it all out right now. But between the internal support, the external support from our really great enthusiastic fan base, all the media attention we're getting for this show, it doesn't feel like we're ready for it to be over yet. And they really responded to my season two pitches well, so I feel like there's a lot of creative gas left in the show, and it's hard to imagine it just ending."

If the show were renewed for another season, Winsberg added that there would probably be a time jump following Mitch's death. "I think it would be hard to pick up right after Mitch's death, because the emotion of that would just be a little too raw and not allow us to maybe do all the tonal balance stuff that I like," he said. "Some passage of time would probably be a good thing for the show."

Winsberg, whose own father died from PSP, added that Zoey's family dynamic will also shift as they deal with the loss of Mitch. "I think that's a big concept and a big idea for season two, which is, how do we move on? And how do we live, and what does the new normal look like after the person who was so important and so integral in our life is gone?" From my mom having to go back into the real world again and having to be independent after being with the same man for 40-some years, I think Maggie could go on a similar journey of self-exploration. I became a father right when I was losing my father, so all of the feelings and emotions and complications that go along with that for David and Emily. And then Zoey, similarly, having to make a choice about, 'What does his death mean to me? How do I extract meaning from his death? What kind of person do I want to be now?,' and all of the struggles and challenges that go along with that. It was very much on purpose that the final image is just them on the couch, except for the empty space where Dad always sat. You're still going to feel the weight of his absence going forward."

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