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The Worst Holiday Movies of All Time

Ho, Ho, Oh No: The 20 Worst Holiday Movies of All Time

The Worst Holiday Movies of All Time
Image Source: Everett Collection

Holiday movies can bring a lot of cheer, but not all the time. Thinking about really great holiday movies has got us wondering: what are the worst holiday movies of all time? For every smart, funny, and heartwarming movie, there's one that's the cinematic equivalent of a big lump of coal in your stocking.

Judging "the worst" is somewhat subjective, so we've turned to Rotten Tomatoes to find the holiday movies that have scored the most "rotten" on their Tomatometer. The results aren't entirely surprising: plenty of comedies — and plenty of big-name stars — that failed big-time to find that holiday magic. How many of these infamous holiday flops have you seen?

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