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Airport Outfit Ideas

15 Airport Outfit Ideas Guaranteed to Give you a Style Upgrade

Airport Outfit Ideas

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These days, airport outfits are just as important as the rest of your holiday wardrobe. Forget merely throwing on your biggest sunnies and favourite joggers to jump on a plane, now it's a case of being comfortable and stylish while en route to the runway.

Since the rise of jet-setting influencers, airport outfit ideas have fast become a popular source of style inspiration. Like street style, it's all about Arrivals-style. And let's be honest, airport outfits can be the trickiest of sartorial tests to find one that works at 6am on a cold, British morning as well as stepping off a plane in blazing sunshine. What's more, temperatures on aeroplanes differ greatly – sometimes they're boiling hot, sometimes they're arctic cold – so you need to be prepared for any climatic changes in order to stay comfortable.

"We have seen womenswear requests for 'airport' related items increase 100 percent compared to last year. But jumping from cold and grey conditions to tropical climes can make airport outfitting a bit of a minefield," says Farrah-May Archer Boadi, Styling Team Lead at Stitch Fix. "A key consideration for airport dressing is comfort. If skinny jeans or tight leggings are key to your personal style, you don't have to veto them entirely, just make sure you are wearing pieces that have some elastane in them to provide additional stretch and ultimately, more comfort."

What Should I Wear to the Airport?

A jacket is always a good idea for your airport outfit. Different airports and different climates mean a multitude of temperatures to contend with, so it's good to have the option of a warmer layer. Also, if you get delayed, it can double up as a blanket or pillow! It's beneficial to take a big bag for hand luggage so you have somewhere to put your layers as you take them off. Be sure to pack a spare outfit just in case your suitcase goes missing and throw in a pair of heels or your best chunky sandals to save space in your main case. Keep accessories to a minimum whilst travelling, it can turn into a headache at security when you have to empty them all into a plastic tray!

What Is the Best Outfit to Wear on a Plane?

Layers, layers, layers. A racer top with leggings or stretchy trousers is a great place to start as a foundation for airport outfits; then add a shirt or cardigan and finally a jacket to pull your look together. Remember, items can be styled in more than one way. For example, when you get to a warmer country, tie your white shirt in a knot to create a cropped version, stylishly drape your jacket over your shoulders for a cooler look, or drape your jumper over your shoulders. Take inspiration from the spring runway trends while your wardrobe staples are your best fashion friends for travelling.

With all that in mind, sit back, relax, seat belts fastened; here's 15 of the best airport outfit ideas to keep you looking stylish at 35,000 feet.

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