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Vintage Outfit Inspiration From Stylish Celebrities

13 Celebrities Who Have Thrifted the Coolest Vintage Clothes

We love Miley Cyrus for her eclectic and ever-changing style, but she took the opportunity this month to highlight sustainability, by posting a photo on Instagram of herself in a vintage store mirror. The caption read: "Tom Ford but make it thrifty. Previously loved/owned clothes = most sustainable fashion source." And she's absolutely right. Regardless of your feelings on exotics, leathers, furs, and more, Miley's notion of shopping from the world's already-existing merchandise easily cuts out any by-products and downsides to production. But Miley is not the only celebrity who loves to shop vintage or steal from the wardrobes of chic parents and grandparents in the hopes of re-purposing fashions of decades past. Ahead, find some of our favourite celebrity vintage moments. Because, if you're going to go retro, what better way than through the OG trends, as they were created way back when?

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